Forecast Financial Planning fees are designed to be fair and easy to understand; no exit charges or hidden costs. Best of all, you get the chance to test the quality of our work and to see if we’ve really understood you before you pay us a penny.

Our first meeting is at our expense to help both parties establish whether we are a good fit to develop a professional working relationship. If you then decide you would like to engage us as your independent financial adviser, the following fees will apply. However, if it’s not for you, then no problem and no fee. We charge in three ways; a fixed fee to create your Personal Financial Plan, a policy arrangement and implementation fee for investing your money and an annual fee for ongoing advice and service.

Your Personal
Financial Plan

This fee comes with a guarantee, it will be waived in full if you feel that your Personal Financial Plan is of no value or benefit to you.

This is a collaborative process to ensure the plan covers all your requirements and with enough flexibility for any future changes to your circumstances. Our charge for this service is a fixed fee of £1,500 payable on your acceptance of the Personal Financial Plan.

Policy arrangement
and implementation fee

Your Personal Financial Plan will typically include a set of recommendations for new investments and pensions. This charge includes the advice, administration and arrangement of these products.

Our policy arrangement and implementation fee is 1.5% of the amount of money you invest through Forecast Financial Planning. For example, if you invest a lump sum of £400,000, our implementation fee would be £6,000. All fees are subject to a minimum fee of £2,500 and a maximum of £10,000 for both your Personal Financial Plan and policy arrangement and implementation stages combined. So, if you invest £2 million the maximum you would pay for these two stages would be £10,000

Ongoing advice and
service fees

Once your Personal Financial Plan is put in place, our ongoing advice and service option is designed to keep you focused on obtaining your desired goals. Naturally, aspects of your finances and life will change over time, so our ongoing advice and service will adapt to these changes as and when they occur.

This includes both the financial planning and wealth management aspects of our relationship. This fee is 1% per annum subject to a minimum fee of £2,500 and a maximum fee of £10,000. For example, if you invest a lump sum of £400,000 our ongoing advice and service fee would be £4,000 per annum, however, if you invested £2 million the maximum fee would be £10,000 per annum.

How do our
fees work?

Our fees are payable in one of two ways; you can either pay us direct personally or via your limited company otherwise our fees can be deducted directly from your investments by the providers.

We can discuss which is best for you but all routes are very simple to arrange.

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